Domain Names

A domain name is your 'address' on the internet. It is what your customers enter to find you in a web browser and will be the suffix of all your email addresses e.g. john @ mydomain . com.


The original commercial domain extension was '.com'. It is becoming harder to secure a .com domain name as many of them are in use or reserved by domain 'squatters'. A short .com domain name is easy to remember and can help your site be more easily recognised in advertising etc.

Web Hosting


You've registered your domain and built your web-site, but now what do you do with it?  Answer: Host it on a Vinhost cPanel server in our eco-friendly data center.  

Our data center is regularly and independently audited to comply with industry best

Eden Valley Tourism

The Eden Valley Progress Association were looking for a way to market the Eden Valley region to tourists.

This site provides an online directory of local tourism operators, upcoming events and the facility to download the local newsletter.

Hall & Oak

Vanessa Hall was refered to me by a current client soon after she started out in business but before she had a presence on the internet.

Vanessa had already engaged another web designer before she was introduced to me but soon found that he could not deliver a CMS.  Armed with the knowledge of how a content management system could help her, Vanessa decided to cut her losses and engage my services.  As Vanessa was so new in business all she could give me to get started was her logo and a two page product portfolio, I immediately thought "what do I do with this".

Kooky Village

Kooky Village was a start-up winery that came to me for help and along the way treated me to some lovely reds.

When Nathan from Kooky Village first approached me he had a logo to use but not much else.

My inspiration for his site came from 2 things, the name "Kooky Village" said to me that this site should be a little different so instead of building a vertical site I flipped in on its side to make it stretch across the page.

The other thing that inspired me was his labels.   On Nathans living room wall are a number of artworks that he intended to use for his labels so integrating these into the overal design was imperative for brand recognition, you can see examples here.


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